Fire emergency at sea, victims of a thousand: a column of smoke up to the heavens, it burns even water

Огненное ЧП в море, жертв тысячи: столб дыма до небес, горит даже вода

Because of the undermining of the tanker in the Red sea there was a serious oil leak, which poses a great danger to the environment

Iranian tanker caught fire in the Red sea after the impact of two missiles, said the company-ship owner National Iranian Oil Company. Because of this, there was a leak of oil into the waters of the red sea, which has become a serious threat to the environment.

Iranian authorities have begun an investigation into the attack on his ship at sea. They report that the tanker, two explosions occurred at intervals of 20 minutes. The cause of the explosions have become released on the tanker rockets an unknown party.

The attack none of the crew was not injured. The condition of the vessel is estimated as stable, trying to fix it.

Огненное ЧП в море, жертв тысячи: столб дыма до небес, горит даже вода

“All responsibility for these actions, including severe environmental pollution in the region, lies on the perpetrators of this dangerous adventure,” he wrote on his page on Twitter the official representative of the Iranian foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi.

At the time of the attack, the tanker was located 96 km from the Saudi port of Jeddah. Local media do not exclude that this incident may be a terrorist attack.

It is worth noting that the oil spill extremely dangerous for the environment. When pollution of the seas by oil in short time covers the surface of the dense layer and closes the access to light and air. This leads to the mass death of fish and other living organisms.

Огненное ЧП в море, жертв тысячи: столб дыма до небес, горит даже вода Огненное ЧП в море, жертв тысячи: столб дыма до небес, горит даже вода

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Earlier, we reported that a tanker carrying crude oil suddenly flew into the air. A terrible accident happened off the coast of Saudi Arabia.

Thus, a powerful explosion suddenly occurred on the oil tanker, which belongs to the Iranian Republic. It is known that the incident happened in the Red sea near the port of Jeddah

The explosion was so strong that it corrupted two main compartment with oil, from-for what there was a fuel leak at sea. The specialists are trying to find out the cause of PE.

It is noted that casualties among the crew in the crash was not. Local media claim that the explosion could be a terrorist attack.

Recall the frightening images of the exploded Chernobyl nuclear power plant leaking pictures noticed something strange.

As reported Politeka, the Black sea closed, explosions excite Odeschina.

Also Politeka wrote that the ship with the Russians, sank in Europe turned into a torch.