Fire disaster struck the popular resort: shots of a large-scale emergency

Огненная катастрофа обрушилась на популярный курорт: кадры масштабного ЧП

In the night from Friday to Saturday, may 25, on the Indonesian island of Bali eruption of the volcano Agung

The eruption lasted about 5 minutes, says Nine News Australia. The lava flow has spread to a distance of 3 kilometers from the crater of the volcano Agung.

Nine settlements, which are located near the volcano were covered with volcanic ash.

Information on victims did not arrive yet.

Огненная катастрофа обрушилась на популярный курорт: кадры масштабного ЧП

The Indonesian authorities have not increased the danger level in the area of the volcano Agung. However, the 4 flights that were heading to Bali international airport, were diverted to other airports. In addition, five flights that had to fly from the island were cancelled.

On the eve of the Indonesian island of Bali have intensified the Agung volcano, which caused a powerful emission of ash. Residents were warned that they are forbidden to be within a radius of 4 kilometers from the crater of the volcano.

As previously reported, scientists warn European citizens about the irreversible natural disaster in the Mediterranean sea.

The Europeans threatened by the destructive eruption of the volcano, which may lead to greater casualties. This was told by a geophysicist Heidrun Kopp from the center of ocean research Helmholtz in Germany said.

Огненная катастрофа обрушилась на популярный курорт: кадры масштабного ЧП

During the study he and his colleagues discovered the danger that emanates from the European volcano Etna. As it turned out, the mountain descends gradually to the Mediterranean sea. The pressure of magma accumulating beneath the surface and cause the rocks to move under the action of gravity. Soon the move will lead to catastrophic consequences.

The people of Europe will not be able to avoid destruction. After the wreckage of the volcano inevitably fall water and will trigger a powerful tsunami. Waves can destroy entire cities, along with tens of thousands of people.

Recall, the scientists were stunned by the discovery in the milky Way: “an intergalactic catastrophe.”

As reported Politeka, an environmental disaster struck the Odessa region: “very toxic”, the mass death.

Also Politeka wrote that in the Crimea a disaster, all littered with corpses: “Nasr*be on the local population.”