Find in the storage room, TC impressed everyone, the baby’s cries deafened store: video leaked

Находка в камере хранения ТЦ поразила всех, крики ребенка оглушили магазин: видео попало в сеть

In one of the Mall of Russia mother made a “hostage” of their own child, to save who threw all

As reported Politeka footage of the incident was posted on the page 360tv on YouTube.

So, women in the shopping center “Fifth Avenue” in Krasnodar Krai heard a child crying coming from the camera store. They tried to open the door, but to no avail.

Находка в камере хранения ТЦ поразила всех, крики ребенка оглушили магазин: видео попало в сеть

“To the rescue came one of the visitors center, and, having broken open the lock, freed the boy. In view of the child for about 10 years. As he sat locked away, unknown”, — stated in the message.

According to one of the women, it was a child of one of the employees of the store.

According to police, the boy allegedly climbed into the storage chamber. However, this fact was assigned.

As previously reported, in Odessa raped child – the suspect is known to the Ukrainian

It is reported that abused ward of the orphanage. The incident allegedly occurred on Friday, October 4. The girl who escaped with her friends from the orphanage on the eve told the police about the rape. According to the teenager – her abuser was an adult male – known urban activist.

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3 Oct girl escaped from a rehabilitation centre together with peers. They were found on the street in the middle of the night a group of men and called to his home, the girl claims, one of them forced her to have sexual intercourse:

“Now police officers establish circumstances of incident. On the application of juvenile criminal proceedings on h. 3 art. 152 (Rape) of the Criminal code of Ukraine”, — referred to in the police report. But the most striking thing about this story is that the main suspect was a social activist, who was involved, and that helps children.

So, according to local media reports, the abuse of a teenager suspected member of the movement (platforms) involved in the search for missing children:

“Last night found three drunk runaway girls from the controversial children’s center. Then took a collective decision, so they spent the night in normal conditions — at home at one of the platform’s participants. Left them in the house, where a large close-knit family,” said Ukrainian journalists, the coordinator of the search platform Alexander Sapelnik said. In case it is not so clear, confident activists.

Recall that the “murderer was at liberty”: details of the scandal of the murder of prominent Ukrainian

As reported Politeka, on the Baptism of the inhabitant of Nikolaev brutally murdered with ex-husband, who came to visit her for the occasion.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukrainians are scared of the murder of a chef: now we have to keep quiet so as not slaughtered.