Finally a game for Travelers

entraineur-chef-voyageurs-martin-pouliotAfter five games presented, the Saguenay Travelers finally played their first game of the season Tuesday night in Trois-Rivières. Visibly rusted, they suffered their first loss, 5-1 to account.

Both starting pitchers, two veterans, Philippe Saad, the jonquiérois side, and vis-a-vis, Joey Toupin, handcuffed the opposing hitters in the initial rounds. The Voyageurs were the first to open the scoring when Frederic Damour crossed the plate after hitting a single after a defensive error. It was after the departure of Saad after three innings, as local rappers have more success at the expense of Jacob Theriault. They responded with four points on their return to bat in a round that did not seem to end and were not worried thereafter.

“I could stretch the sauce and return Saad 4th and even 5th inning. It was 7 degrees outside. I preferred to take away the ball from the hands that leave to try and get a win. It will be much more profitable in the long term he stays healthy, “explained the new head coach of the jonquiéroise training, Martin Pouliot, who decided before the meeting to limit it to about fifty shots.

Regional have hit only three hits and committed four errors. If he felt that was the fourth-fetched, the manager of Voyageurs agreed that the lack of action of his proteges, in recent weeks, was felt, especially with the absence of six regulars to this inaugural match.

“It’ll take us patience. We’ll have to work, practice as the world and especially not panic, do not turn upside down. A baseball season is a long process, “recalled Martin Pouliot, who will hold a training session with his troopers Friday after the tournament benefit of golf on the par 36 Golf Club Le Ricochet Chicoutimi.

“It will do us good,” Pouliot recognize that not expect reinforcements weekend while travelers should make their local debut Richard Desmeules Stadium on Saturday in a doubleheader against Granby and travel to Montreal on Sunday to face the Orioles once but twice.

On a personal note, the new leader of Travelers conducting the same time a return in the Junior League elite of Quebec.

“There are many people who ask me the question. I have been 16 seasons in the elite baseball and the last eight years, I led my boy in minor baseball. I have not stopped. I think it’s my ” game ” golf will suffer from the situation this summer, “joked Martin Pouliot, always making love as much be on a baseball field.

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