FIMAV: when visual art makes sounds

commissaire-installations-sonores-fimav-erick(VICTORIAVILLE) Walkers who borrow the bike path victoriavilloise this week are sure to stumble to a series of eclectic works, sign of the return of the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (FIMAV). Among those who could raise the most attention include Shiloh, an installation of the quintet Audiotopie actual music, which stands out for its design, its originality and its techno side.

The work is characterized by a series of four benches, along with a cylinder about two meters high. The different components of the installation are equipped with sensors that detect movements and strokes. The different percussion then generate a unique light and sound show.

“When we approach it, we already feel that the work is activated gradually. When sitting on the benches, we get a result. The benches react together: if two or more people are seated together, the result changes. People are also encouraged to create their own work by knocking on the benches, “says the director of Audiotopie Etienne Legast.

All the noise from Shiloh comes from the works of Audiotopie. Mr. Legast no secret that beyond the creation, the group had to be creative to allow this facility to the day.

“We are artists, but we are also a little geek. We are now working to implement our waterproof, so it can be used permanently in some parks. We hope one day to be able to change the distance to music, “he adds.

This is the second time that Shiloh is presented to the public. In Montreal last year, she had a lot of interest, people installing it for a few minutes to discover the proposed sensory experience, or for a prolonged period of time to relax it.

Interactive installations

The Commissioner for installations FIMAV, Erick D’Orion, was among others welcomed the fact that the works presented this year requires, for most, intervention participants, thus adding to the interaction between the public and the festival. Besides Shiloh, he had a crush on Headphones Catherine Bechard and Sabin Hudon, forcing the participant to stroll to hear different sounds.

After six years, the commissioner admits that it is increasingly difficult to find Quebec sound installations. He believes it will now be time to look overseas territories. In this regard, Europe is a favorable ground.

“It’s become quite a challenge, there are not so many works offered here. We will try to convince partners to invest in the component installations, so that we can bring the works of France and Belgium, for example. Our facilities are seen by many people and highly appreciated. ”

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