Filatov says that is not a suspect in the case of the sale of the UMH

Филатов заявляет, что не является подозреваемым в деле о продаже УМХ

The former Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Oleksiy Filatov has the status of a suspect in the case of the sale of the Ukrainian Media Holding (UMH)

This statement was made by Filatov on Monday before a visit to the Prosecutor General, according to the Agency Ukrainian news.

“No one reported suspicion I had not given, which is confirmed by the statements of officials of the General Prosecutor and the relevant documents”, — told ex-the Deputy head of AP.

Filatov also commented on the document signed by the Prosecutor Konstantin Kulik, which was published in March this year and allegedly was “a message of suspicion”. In his opinion, the document does not contain information about committing any criminal acts.

“In fact, we are talking about illegal intervention of the Prosecutor in lawyer activity, namely the provision of legal assistance to the shareholders of group of companies “UMH” at the conclusion of the transaction for its sale,” said Filatov.

He stressed that the deal was concluded by English law, with the participation of a number of international law firms and financial advisers.

“The deal was compliance-tested with international banks through which it was done. The legality of the transaction ever not been appealed”, — said Filatov.

As reported, in 2013, UMH Group, the main owner of which was made by Boris Lozhkin, was filed by the holding company VETEK Sergey Kurchenko. One of the law firms supporting the transaction was legal firm “Vasil Kisil and partners”, where at that time worked Oleksiy Filatov. All this deal has served more than 30 lawyers from several Ukrainian and foreign companies.

According to the publication Forbes Ukraine, the sale of UMH Group entered the TOP-10 largest M&A deals of the first half of 2013.

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After the election of Petro Poroshenko in may 2014 the President of Ukraine, his Administration was headed by Borys Lozhkin. In the post of Deputy head of the AP Alex Filatov oversaw the development and implementation of judicial reform.

First attempt at legal harassment Filatov took place on the eve of the first round of the presidential elections in March 2019: attorney Kulik said that ex-Deputy head of the AP received the message of suspicion. But the Prosecutor’s office denied the statements of Sandpiper and Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said that Filatov is not a suspect.

“In the UMH I haven’t been able to get the Prosecutor Kulik explanation, in any actions, there are signs of criminal offences”, — said Yuri Lutsenko.

After that, Kulik withdrew from the group, which was engaged in the business Kurchenko and the General Inspectorate of the GPU launched an investigation into the incident with the “message of suspicion”.

In this case the Prosecutor Kulik was officially accused of illegal enrichment. It was established that the family of Kulik owns the state, which significantly exceeds the officially declared income.