Figures of destiny: learn the date of birth which the sun shines for You

This information will help you better know yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses.

Цифри долі: дізнайтеся за датою народження, яке сонце світить для Вас

Professional methods of psychoanalysis are used by psychologists. However, they can be interesting and non-professionals. But the popular tests typically are more understandable and they are often seen in magazines and online. However, whatever tests you did not pass, remember that the test result is not a diagnosis, but only a hint, informs Rus.Media.

Most often the most accurate tests are psychologists, and astrologers together in order to consider two sides of personality and factors that affect it.

Few people know that each of us has a patron in one of the nine Suns. Like the sign of the Zodiac, is a certain number of the Sun, which can tell a lot about your character and values and also strengths and weaknesses.

How to know the number of your Sun:

Take your birth date (e.g., December 29). Add the month (12) day (29) = 41. Divide this number by two digits and add: 4 + 1 = 5. Thus, your Sun is 5.

Цифри долі: дізнайтеся за датою народження, яке сонце світить для Вас

Sun No. 1

People who patronize it the Sun, have big ambitions and leadership qualities. Most often it is the creative people – creative, unique and independent personality.

When something goes wrong, they can be very selfish and stubborn. These people – just a storehouse of new ideas. In relations they are very amorous, but cool down to a love interest is often as fast as flash it.

The sun No. 2

The Sun radiates the energy of unity, healing and harmony. The people for whom it does not hurt to learn to release their emotions and to take care of themselves in the degree to which they care about others. They are very responsive, empathic and sensitive personality. The vibration of this earth has a close relationship with the energy of the moon and sign of Cancer.

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Sun No. 3

The sun 3 – the energy source of games, discoveries and adventures. People who patronize it, incredibly interesting, informative and sociable.

They represent a kaleidoscope of emotions – surprise, delight, fear and anxiety. These people are very friendly and never miss the opportunity to learn new information or to voice your ideas. Most strongly the energy of the Sun number 3 is associated with the sign Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter.

Sun No. 4

People who patronize the Sun No. 4, represent an embodiment of reliability, stability and dedication. In order to achieve targets they are willing to work up a sweat, but it does not hurt to work on my communication skills and ability to make changes in their lives.

People under the power of the Sun, without exaggeration can be called a model family with Ioannina, which will be faithful to your partner. Most often it is the Sun protects Aquarius.

Sun No. 5

Sun number 5 radiates the energy of change, inspiration and creativity. These people are very friendly, active and easy to adapt to any changes that occur in their lives. Their other half must also be a best friend.

In addition, they are extremely important to the freedom and opportunity of expression. This Sun energy is closely related to astrological signs such as Virgo and Gemini and the planet mercury.

Sun No. 6

People who patronize it the Sun, it often happens that a creative person who can bring your ideas to life. They are very reliable and loyal, and incredibly hardworking and not afraid to take responsibility.

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Perhaps in the relationship with these people is not enough passion, but they are really devoted to their partner. In addition, they can be quite jealous. Sun No. 6 has a close relationship with Libra and Taurus, and Venus.

The sun number 7

The sun number 7 – the source of deep emotions, spirituality and knowledge. These people have a incredibly Silink intuition. By their nature they are dreamers who often connect their lives with art and creativity.

They vitally need someone who will appreciate their talent and respect their vulnerability and sensitivity. When it comes to relationships, these people may be too idealistic. The sun number 7 is often a patron of the astrological sign of Pisces and is closely associated with the planet Neptune.

Sun number 8

Is the Sun literally radiates power, authority and success. Such people say that they are doomed to success, there is no doubt that in their field they will achieve considerable heights.

They are not afraid to take risks and go for the experiments. People who patronize the Sun No. 8, a very respectable and honest and able to remain faithful to your partner. The energy of the Sun has a close relationship with Aquarius and Capricorn and the planet Saturn.

Sun No. 9

People who patronize the Sun at number 9, really wise and open. They can succeed in medicine or the Humanities. These people easily assimilate new knowledge and skills and are happy to share them with others. For the welfare and comfort of their partner they are ready almost on all. Sun number 9 its energy is closely connected with the signs of Scorpio and Aries.

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