Fighting robots will replace humans in the United States army, with impressive details: “Putin is trembling”

Боевые роботы заменят людей в армии США, впечатляющие подробности: "Путин, трепещи"

In the American army are going to test modern combat robotic equipment

It is reported

When testing the military equipment will not, but the Americans want to show the technologies themselves that will be in service in the near future.

RCV machines built on the platform of the M113, and will be managed by the military due to the project Mission Enabler Technologies-Demonstrators (MET-D). Robotic appliances equipped with video cameras and remote tower. The management of such prototypes will be implemented using the touch panels.

Боевые роботы заменят людей в армии США, впечатляющие подробности: "Путин, трепещи"

The first tests scheduled for the spring of 2020 at a military base in Colorado. The tests will involve a few cars MET-D and four RCV. On Board MET-D will be six people who will operate the machine. The checker will also appreciate the maneuverability of the robotic equipment. Using the obtained data, the experts will evaluate the health of equipment and make decisions about further testing.

Боевые роботы заменят людей в армии США, впечатляющие подробности: "Путин, трепещи"

In may 2020, the technique will be tested in Europe. The final stage of testing is to check the six of MET-D, and four M113 RCV, as well as four medium and heavy RCV.

Americans for the past years working hard to create armored robotic machines, but these instances cannot be regarded as combat. These developments deprive simulate future prototypes. These tests are very important to the modern US army. If this project is successful, robots will replace workers during military clashes.

In the centre of research, development and engeneering armored vehicles in the United States believe that these robotic systems, equipped with cameras and weapons can be directed in the line of fire soldiers who are far beyond reach. It is expected that cars will be smaller and faster than the machine with the crew, which is currently used by the U.S. army.

Presumably, such technology is beginning to develop in the light of strained relations between the US and Russia.

Previously, Chinese scientists have developed a unique liquid metal that can overcome cancer and will be the basis in the production of motors. The experiment data lay a sci-Fi movie “the Terminator”. Scientists were able to recreate a unique material.

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It is noted that the substance can be used in the production of motors for robots. Liquid metal has a low toxicity and ability to change form.

Before molten metal is received at a combination of gallium, indium and tin, however, this substance formed a sticky layer on the surface. Such characteristics have made it impossible to continue development in production.

The Chinese managed to create a technology that allows you to change the shape of liquid inclusions. As a result, scientists have received a steady beads of liquid metal that does not stick to the surface and bounce off it.

Recall that the Chinese invented an unusual robot-spider.

As reported Politeka that robots collect brand-new Tesla.

Also Politeka wrote that there are TOP 7 occupations in which people are replaced by robots.