Fierce element fall on the country: the most powerful Typhoon in half a century

Свирепая стихия обрушится на страну: самый мощный тайфун за полвека

Unprecedented strength of the Typhoon rushes to the country

He will bring with him the strongest winds, storms, heavy rainfall, flooding and maybe that will happen landslides.

In Japan is coming powerful Typhoon Hagibis. Its already been compared in strength and devastation with Typhoon IDA, which swept through the Islands around 60 years ago and took the lives of more than a thousand people, according to the Direct channel.

Свирепая стихия обрушится на страну: самый мощный тайфун за полвека

It is noted that Hagibis will fall on the land of the Rising Sun on the evening of 11 October.

First, it will encounter regions of the Tokai or Kanto. There he stays for a day and then go further – to the North-East of Japan.

Japanese meteorologists warn that in the coming weekend in the country will rage strong wind hitting record rainfall. Because of this, there is a threat of flooding and landslides.

Earlier we wrote that just in September, Japan has suffered from the Typhoon in the journey. The element de-energized tens of thousands of homes. Japanese airlines canceled more than 480 domestic flights.

“Canceled flights, which are mainly connected to other parts of the country with the South-Western island of Kyushu, including airports in Fukuoka, Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, and Saga,” wrote the Japanese media.

Forecasters later reported that the center of Typhoon Tapa center the pressure has reached 990 hPa, and speed to 30 m/s (with gusts up to 40 m/s).

Also in September from Typhoon Lingling suffered by Korea. The Typhoon reached the Korean Peninsula and made landfall on the South-West of the DPRK. The wind speed was estimated at 108 km/h and gusts of 144 km/h.

For Lingling, China had been flooded more than 210 apartments, 15 public buildings, while in these apartments were more than 460 families in the streets everywhere lie fallen trees. Five people were killed, is injured.

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Свирепая стихия обрушится на страну: самый мощный тайфун за полвека

Also recall that a powerful hurricane hit the coast of Mexico. Hurricane Lorena it was formed in the Pacific ocean and touched almost all of the East coast of Mexico. The maximum wind speed of the hurricane was 120 km/.

Because of the hurricane in the southern part of Mexico expected heavy rains – and this is a big threat of landslides, floods. People are in panic, all afraid for their lives and property. In some States, canceled classes in schools.

Recall, meteorologists warn of extreme danger in the Dnipropetrovsk region: “can achieve…”.

As reported Politeka, brutal element paralyzed the country: flights canceled, thousands of people without light, pictures of the chaos.

Also Politeka wrote that deadly element sweeps away all life in its path, chaos and destruction reign around, footage of the Apocalypse