Fiasco of the tax on dividends : responsible, but not guilty

Christian Eckert, Emmanuel Macron and Michel Sapin are at the helm at Bercy in 2015, when the alerts will increase on the tax on dividends. But what are the minister of Finance (Michel Sapin) and the secretary of State for the Budget (Christian Eckert) that follow particular folder.


Who is responsible for the fiasco of the 3% tax on dividends ? Its invalidation by the constitutional Council last October 6 is expected to cost 10 billion euros at State – nearly half a point of GDP ! –, which has compelled the current government to create, in an emergency, an exceptional tax on large companies (including those that do not pay dividends !) from 2017 to try to meet the budgetary commitments of european France.

The response of the mission of inquiry of the general Inspection of finance (IGF) set up by the minister of the Economy and d…

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