Fertilizing for plants: what to do to potted plants in bloom longer

How long have your favorite flower bloomed like the flower shop, remember?

Підкормка для вазонів: що робити, щоб кімнатні рослини цвіли довше

How long have your favorite flower bloomed like the flower shop, remember? So I almost forgot. Like feed him, and he’s not happy with lush blooms. But I recently went to visit a friend, and her flowers was a miracle, all in bloom, as the selection. How so?

It turns out that there is one little trick to make the flower bloomed she needs a special diet. The secret of such feeding easy, just share, and let your flowers available, informs Rus.Media.

The plants bloomed more beautiful and more magnificent, gardeners recommend during budding to make dressing.

In addition to the purchase of chemical fertilizers is a homemade fertilizer for plants:

Castor oil

One of these supplements is castor oil, which becomes lush and flowering longer, but the flower heads get big and get more saturated color.

Liter bottle filled with settled water at room temperature and add 1 tsp of castor oil. Next, cap tightly and thoroughly shake the contents.

Castor oil should be split into tiny fractions and it is good to mix with water, so as not to burn the roots of plants.

Immediately after shaking, while castor oil has not risen, pour the flowers. If the plant blooms once a year, only one such feeding. If the plant blooms constantly, then feed her castor oil once per month.


Glucose, which I love flowering plants. If from time to time will pour pivchaynoyi teaspoons of sugar from the roots and immediately watered, the plants will thank long and lush flowering.

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Minced banana peel

Good source of potassium. This food for the pot requires serious preparation: thoroughly dry the skin in the course of a week, carefully grind in a blender. And this powder mix with soil in pots. Especially good to do during the transplant.

There is a tip: infuse fresh peel in water until foam appears, then drain and this “broth” to water the plants once in two weeks.

Ash from firewood

Some people use cigarette ash, but there are too many carcinogens, especially if cigarettes with flavors. It is best to pour in pots of ashes from the ordinary firewood, brought in from the country. She fills the earth with nitrogen, which is especially necessary colors in a period of exuberant growth and flowering. In addition, the ash great fights harmful flies.

Can make liquid ash fertilizer: 2 tablespoons of ash per liter of warm water. Infuse for two days, watering once every two weeks.


Fresh nettles will help the colors not to get sick and be strong. The decoction of nettles marks the earth with minerals and nitrogen. This so-called green manure, which is useful at the cottage and at home. Enough to soak the shoots of nettles for a day in warm water, drain, watered once in two weeks.


Very unusual, but effective top-dressing for pots – the usual vodka. If the plants decayed and lost the joy of life, just “drink” them in 3 liters of water dissolve 100 grams of vodka and pour homemade flowers. Just two or three days you will notice how your Pets cheered.

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Water the terrarium and aquarium

If plants like liquid fertilizer from manure of animals and birds, why would they not love aquarium water, which also dissolved the various nutrients? Of course, should not be abused and not to transfer aquatic plants only water, but every two weeks as feeding, very even.

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