Fell to the Ground, an unusual meteorite “new wonders”

На Землю упал необычный метеорит: «новые диковинки»

The family complained that fell from the sky stone destroyed their dining room

It turned out that the iron struck the roof of the building was unique pound meteorite.

At the end of April in Costa Rica fell unique meteorite. They were cosmic chip which weighed just under one kilogram. It drew the attention of local residents who complained that the strange stone from the sky struck the roof of their dining room, according to Techcult.

На Землю упал необычный метеорит: «новые диковинки»

A heavenly body is the carbonaceous chondrite, is more than 80% consists of clay.

Scientists believe that it is a unique “transport container” which was brought to our planet from deep space-new curios.

The experts have already done the calculations and said that when “the alien” has entered the earth’s atmosphere. It weighed several tons and the size was the usual washing machine.

Dense layers of the atmosphere destroyed a multi-ton giant, and it fell apart into fragments, one of which by a lucky chance and fell into the hands of scientists.

It is believed that the earth chondrites fall very rare, so experts are just behind them “chasing”, as their clay structure is an excellent drive different particles, entities and even traces of life.

Now scientists will be engaged in careful study of the Costa Rican alien.

As previously reported, a huge fireball flew across the sky and frightened many residents. The incident happened on March 30 in Florida (USA).

A huge meteor frightened the Americans. A speeding celestial body managed to capture on video. In the video you can see how big blue-green ball suddenly appeared in the night sky and suddenly disappeared. Meteor even managed to fix the radar. It happened at about 23:52 local time.

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На Землю упал необычный метеорит: «новые диковинки»

Experts say that cars often fall into the earth’s atmosphere, but most of them are instantly consumed, and to see such a “greetings” – a rarity.

We also wrote that sky showed “something” flying by people. Experts don’t know exactly what it is, but the fact of the fall of conditionally “meteorite” in the Krasnoyarsk region of the Russian Federation was clearly recorded on video.

“As told in the regional dispatching service, they really saw a huge fireball flying through the sky. But what exactly it was is still unknown”, – reported the local media.

Recall that a rare phenomenon is headed for Earth, it is coming: the scientists held their breath.

As reported Politeka, space attacks: meteorite age 4 billion years destroyed the roof of the apartment building there were photos.

Also Politeka wrote that the man had found a meteorite a hundred thousand dollars 30 years propped up the door for him