Fell famous bridge: rescuers shrug, “buried alive”

Рухнул известный мост: спасатели разводят руками, «погребены заживо»

Frightening incident occurred on the eve of the collapse of the bridge a few cars lightning crashed into the water

On Friday, June 14, the collapsed portion of the bridge Dongjiang, resulting in at least two cars fell into the water.

It is reported by Xinhua:

“At least two cars fell into the water, however, the exact number of dead and injured is still unknown”.

In a network published video of the incident.

Рухнул известный мост: спасатели разводят руками, «погребены заживо»

It is known that the accident occurred at 02:12 local time. It is also known that one person was saved, however, the exact number of victims is still unknown. At the scene, conducted search and rescue operation. The investigators themselves note that the incident large-scale and elimination of its consequences will be long. Perhaps people were under the rubble or drowned — a terrible fate, for sure, “buried alive”.

The cause of unhappiness was the bad weather over the past week, heavy rains caused floods in some areas of Guangdong province, including the city of Heyuan.

Recall also the land sold formed deep, ugly pits, hundreds of people panicked and left without shelter. According to preliminary data, the earthquake in the district of Loreto in Northern Peru caused a lot of troubles.

At least one person was killed and 11 people were injured.

This was reported in the National center on emergency situations, reports Reuters. Photo of a raging storm published online:

“Earthquakes with magnitude of 8.0 has destroyed more than 50 homes. Several schools, churches, hospitals, bridges and roads were damaged.”

People write that the country was hit by the wrath of God.

Рухнул известный мост: спасатели разводят руками, «погребены заживо»

An earthquake of magnitude 8 points was recorded in the North of Peru:

“The epicenter of the tremors was located 75 kilometers South-East from the village of Lagunas, and the hearth was at a depth of 110 kilometers.”

Recall that the elements raged in Ukraine, there are victims.

As reported Politeka, the wife of ally Poroshenko is in trouble near Kharkov: “burned it all”.

Also Politeka wrote that powerful element removes the city from the face of the earth: 63 dead.