Favorite social network millions have stopped working: map scale failure in Instagram

Любимая соцсеть миллионов перестала работать: карта масштабного сбоя в Instagram

Large-scale failure occurred on Sunday, may 19, in the popular social network Instagram

About disruptions in the work beloved by many service users complain around the measure. People face errors and problems in the social network. It is reported Downdetector.

In particular, information about failures in the application come from users from USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico and other countries.

According to the service, often people face problems with news feed (71%), login (20%) and Instagram (8%).

Любимая соцсеть миллионов перестала работать: карта масштабного сбоя в Instagram

On the territory of Ukraine to failures in the application users complained from Kiev, Dnieper and Ternopil.

Любимая соцсеть миллионов перестала работать: карта масштабного сбоя в Instagram

Earlier, we talked about how a young blogger, killed himself after a survey in social networks.

The tragic incident occurred in Malaysia, reports the Guardian. 16-year-old resident of the state of Sarawak has decided to hold a strange poll on his page in Instagram. She asked followers whether she should die.

The survey results were also very surprising: 69% of participants answered “Yes”. Then the girl actually took his own life.

Information about the tragedy was confirmed by a local police. Moreover it is known that the lawyers want to attract people involved in fatal survey, to criminal responsibility.

They hope that their actions will be regarded as incitement to suicide.

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