Favorite dog this girl died a year ago. Now the dog visits her as a Ghost

It’s creepy.

Улюблений пес цієї дівчини помер рік тому. Зараз цей пес відвідує її у вигляді привида

This girl named Claire twelve months ago is dead favorite. Favorite dog Kurt left her alone, left our world. Claire is very upset by this loss than, perhaps, made my dog back to her as a Ghost, informs Rus.Media.

In the girl’s house constantly stranger things have happened. Often she hears Kurt barking or scratching at the door. This caused Claire to put in the house of a night vision camera where he heard strange sounds. When she watched the recording, could not believe my eyes. View this video 2 minutes 16 seconds.

Hard to believe that a dog this girl visits her as a Ghost. But perhaps the animal simply wanted to support his mistress in the difficult period for it. After all sounds disappear for some time, and then appeared again when Claire became very ill. The loyalty of a dog knows no barriers!

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