Father of the driver, BlaBlaCar has brought jurors to tears: “What happened to my son? Why did you do it?”

Отец водителя BlaBlaCar довел присяжных до слез: «Что случилось с моим сыном? Зачем вы это сделали?»

The father of the slain driver BlaBlaCar Taras Pozdnyakov told that the killer Dmitry Golub demanded money from him for information about his son, and later in detail described, as deprived his child of life

At the last court session on the case of murder of the leader of his father Alexander Pozdnyakov told about the threats to his address and the address of his wife, as well as Golub demanded from men a fabulous sum for any information about the dead son, reports Krapka.

Отец водителя BlaBlaCar довел присяжных до слез: «Что случилось с моим сыном? Зачем вы это сделали?»

“I met a Dove in the prison. He came in a telephone conversation with me. Then he put forward some demands. He promised to show what they had done with Taras. And I had to bring in jail for 50 thousand dollars and to drop all charges. I agreed. On the second day I received a message: “Money forward”. Given the situation, funds were raised, but the Dove didn’t hand them out. After a few months I have a new message — that amount, as I ripped this conversation, has increased to 75 thousand and that he would talk to my wife “on the greed and stupidity of her husband,” — said the victim.

Also Pozdnyakov, Sr. told the judges that after such a brazen statement, he still went to the police. According to Alexander, despite the fact that blue was trying to hide behind the fact that he served in anti-terrorist operation, the investigation revealed that in the Donbass Golub often drove cars than defending the homeland. He also noted that the owner of the garage in which was stored the stolen blue car, no idea about the scheme and told the police everything he knew, thus exposing the culprit. In particular, the victim mentioned was found in the apartment blue bag with the things of Taras Pozdnyakov and money, which bought him for his birthday.

“Mr. Golub and his lawyer say he was in the ATO. Yes, they are in the ATO looting. I can clearly confirm when they drove a “Toyota RAV4″ when they had a Safari near Mariupol and shot the swans, was out on a photo and video”, he added.

“And when I turned to dove, “Toph, tell me what happened to my son? Why did you do it?” — he replied: “After refueling we told him: “Hands on the wheel”. Small do not understand the situation, began to lean on, and I made the shot.” He said, “had less to twitch. The car Taras drove to the Dovbush (a witness in the case, the owner of the garage where the cars). When I Dove spoke: “I will go to all your demands, you will say,” he firmly said: “I am your son buried. He’s not among the living.” After that I just stayed silent,” added the man in a shaking voice what touched the audience.

“What is my psychological state? When I come into the apartment and walk into a room Taras, I take his pillow and inhale… So not that life… I think you will make the right decision”, — concluded the father of the victim.

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