Fatal PE with the Russians: “people drowned in the d***me”, the details of the tragedy

Смертельное ЧП с россиянами: «люди утонули в д***ме», подробности трагедии

In Russia there was an unusual incident: people in the literal sense of the word drowned in manure

The deadly incident occurred in the village Selections Kaluga region on 6 June. There are three workers accidentally fell into the tank for processing of manure, OOO Kaluzhskaya Niva during pumping of waste. To save them and failed: all three men died.

In connection with this incident the investigative agencies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Kaluga region carried out a preliminary examination. They are considering several versions of what happened, including poisoning gases and electric shock.

In addition, conducted forensic and genetic forensics. Investigators and forensics have examined the scene, seized the pump with a portion of the power cable and other electrical equipment hangar, and also interviewed staff and management of the organization, which was dead, seized the statutes, orders and job descriptions of employees, logs safety.

Смертельное ЧП с россиянами: «люди утонули в д***ме», подробности трагедии

Law enforcement officers are trying to establish all the details of what happened before will be a procedural decision.

Before that, we talked about the fact that due to the careless handling of the water in may, killing nearly 300 people

May was pleased temperature indicators and many Ukrainians reached out to rest on the banks of reservoirs. Unfortunately, for some this stay was the last. Rescuers reported about the massive accident on the water with fatal outcomes.

So, in may on the waters of the country killed 274 people, including 25 children.

Luckily, managed to rescue 138 people, including 20 children.

Most often, the Ukrainians were drowned due to non-observance of rules of safe behavior on the water, swimming in unequipped places. Also the tragedy happened due to the fact that swimmers overestimated their capabilities.

Смертельное ЧП с россиянами: «люди утонули в д***ме», подробности трагедии

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the boat overturned and sank in the river on Board were nearly three dozen tourists. Rescue work hampered due to heavy rain.

The tragic accident occurred on the Danube river in the Hungarian capital Budapest. There sank a pleasure boat, on Board of which there were 34 persons together with members of the crew. The ship capsized in the city center near the building of the Hungarian Parliament.

Recall, a pleasure boat sank with passengers.

As reported Politeka, the ship with the players sank during a storm, there are victims.

Also Politeka reported that killed more than 20 children, rescuers told of the great tragedy in Ukraine.