Fatal fire in Drummond: Coroner identifies significant gaps

1216580(SHERBROOKE) The thesis of grease fire is confirmed to explain the tragedy of the rue Des Wild cherry trees in Drummondville, in July 2015. In its investigation following the fire of the apartment building who had three victims, the coroner identifies significant shortcomings in the evacuation.

Victims are tenants Pierre Garceau, 52, Marcel Roy, 66 and Stephane Vincent, 46. The victims died of asphyxiation, said the coroner Yvon Garneau, who finds accidental deaths.

Recall that the deadly fire in the street Wild cherry trees occurred on the night of 22 to 23 July 2015. Several tenants were left homeless. A solidarity movement was launched to help them.

Technicians fire scene and investigators from the Surete du Quebec (SQ) had long lingered housing where the fire had originated on the second floor of the building.

They were pulled from the wreckage pots for use as evidence. The cooking fire trail was already studied.

Garneau coroner’s report rejects the claims of some residents of the area wishing that the fire was caused by the processing of illicit substances, a hypothesis that has never confirmed the SQ.

False Alarm

Yvon Garneau concludes that the fire of cooking spread very quickly because of “certain architectural shortcomings in stairwells.” The fire could easily circulate inside the walls of a room to another. Furthermore, “the evacuation was not optimal,” he wrote.

“Some tenants have not believed in the alarm system signal. There was no plan or evacuation exercise carried out despite the existence of high fire risk there. ”

False alarm had occurred before, he added. Of housing were not equipped with a fire alarm, which is in violation of municipal regulations.

Garneau coroner recommends that the Directorate of Fire Safety of the Ministry of Public Security of Quebec to set up an awareness program on “good practices” for cooking fires.

It also asks the City of Drummondville update its risk coverage plan regarding fires in apartment buildings and enforce its rules on the presence and operation of smoke alarms.

Firefighters must continue raising awareness among the population about the importance of evacuating a building in case of fire.

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