Fatal error: children began to cover the wool due to the medication, it’s very scary

Роковая ошибка: дети начали покрываться шерстью из-за лекарства, это очень страшно

17 children recorded the “werewolf syndrome” after taking medicine for indigestion, in bottles which mistake turned out to be a remedy against hair loss

“My son’s hands, feet, cheeks and even the forehead was covered with hair, and it was very scary,” — said the mother of one of the victims.

The first cases of “werewolf syndrome” registered in July. 17 children — some of them infants — in Spain found an increased growth of hair all over the body. As it turned out, they by mistake gave a remedy for baldness that confused with a cure for reflux.

The Ministry of health confirmed that the symptoms are manifested due to the component that contains the medication. In one of the batches of the drug “omeprazole” was a remedy to stimulate hair growth “Minoxidil”.

Роковая ошибка: дети начали покрываться шерстью из-за лекарства, это очень страшно

Then the drug was removed from sale, and distribution center of a company that mixed up the drugs that was closed. Now the investigation continues.

Parents of victims said that the condition of their children will improve in the coming weeks — after the excess hair will begin to fall.

Note the hypertrichosis or “werewolf syndrome” — a rare condition in which the whole body, including the face, there is a thick hair cover.

Роковая ошибка: дети начали покрываться шерстью из-за лекарства, это очень страшно

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