Fatal beauty from VIA Gra planted his feet and showed itself in all its glory: “what is Juicy!”

Роковая красотка из ВИА Гра расставила ноги и показала себя во всей красе: «Сочная какая!»

The ex-soloist of the popular musical group VIA Gra showed fans candid photos

Actress and model Tatiana Kotova in one of social networks has published a spicy photo where she flaunts in a red mini. This writes Рoliteka.net with reference to Instagram stars.

On the new photo Olga Kotova seemed in a dark top and short skirt, she’s holding hands on waist and looking right the camera. Lush MOP of hair falling on bare shoulders, and what, one wonders, not Italian, because half-naked star in the center of the frame so good, say the fans. As you know, the ex-soloist of VIA Gra a big fan of showing myself in her microblog that is not the photo, with a spicy color – here you and daring Studio shots, and outdoor “Luke” in skimpy outfits and “dizzying” clips, where there are many, many candid shots:

“Hello travelers. Monday can be like Sunday. Say day off, and I didn’t notice. All of us on occasion. What are your plans for tonight? )”, — signed photo of the singer.

The fans are just beside themselves with what they saw – they showered the actress with compliments:

“What is juicy!”

“Fatal beauty!”

“Super baby is the best”

“… The Superiority Of The Ideal…!!!”

Роковая красотка из ВИА Гра расставила ноги и показала себя во всей красе: «Сочная какая!»

Роковая красотка из ВИА Гра расставила ноги и показала себя во всей красе: «Сочная какая!»

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Earlier, new pictures from the trip, another ex-member of popular muscletime Nadia Meyher showed in his Instagram — they she smiles at celebrity either tank, or dress with a deep neckline in black. Hope Meyher-Granovskaya signed post like this:

“An unexpected meeting with a charming Elevator. And on another photo we secured the acquaintance firsthand, so to speak…”, signed artist photo, where she poses with another famous actress Evelina Bledans.

Meyher, but as always, emphasized her feminine figure and ample bosom in particular. Fans and netizens flocked like bees to honey for the post-star, people write what they Hope looks like she’s bold and just the standard of female beauty. They also noted that the two, who met on holiday and together tobecause ladies look great, but still Meyher — out of competition:


“Beauty decided to treat myself cancer!”

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“You are so beautiful, Hope, admire!”

“Every though attractive woman, loses your background, Hope”


We will remind, 37-year-old ex- “VIA Gra” Hope Meyher, which in April celebrated her birthday, has pleased its fans with a new photo. Bright photos Meyher often appear on her page in social network Instagram.

Роковая красотка из ВИА Гра расставила ноги и показала себя во всей красе: «Сочная какая!»

So, the photo that appeared on the page, Hope Meyher, she appeared on the overview of the audience in a bold way. For the release of the star wore a narrow black dress original style with lace elements, which emphasized the slender figure and ample Breasts of the actress. Over the dress Nadia threw a black-and-white jacket oversized. Her hair is gathered in a neat hairstyle, and the face of a light makeup. Meyher is in an unusual place, she put hands on hips and a radiant smile into the camera.

In the caption to the photo Nadezhda Meyher wrote: “#Trudolyubov #nadagdagan the #leading #nadia #singing”. Fans love the new photos on the page of Hope Meyher. Fans poured star compliments in the review for its image and audacity. Many also asked where Nadia went in this outfit.

We will remind, Nadezhda Meyher was too candid photos.

As reported Politeka, ex-soloist of VIA Gra showed herself without makeup.

Also Politeka wrote that Nadezhda Meyher is not shy to show what she looks like in real life.