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Each week, Here is launching a fashion challenge to the stylist Virginie Fauconnier. A girl like us, who love fashion and fun. His job is to set the stage for the fashion trends that make you dream . We asked him to wear them… true.

The challenge : to wear the tights of colors without lack of taste

The response from Virginia : I’m going today to ask you a crucial question : how to wear tights color this winter ? Because you are fashionistas warned, you are not without knowing that this winter will be colorful. Explosions of yellow, pink, red, and blue are in the program. And it is the same for the tights ! You will have understood, this is the challenge that my boss, who operates out very well the question, I was launched this week.

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Well, believe it or not, but wearing tights of colors is much more simple than you think ! I’m going to give you several ways to wear them, from the simplest to the more ” fashion “.

The most basic will be to wear them with dark colours such as black or navy blue. Pair your little black dress fetish to a nice opaque tights cobalt blue or green fir-tree and the result will be a more nice effect. Still in this idea of tights colors ” easy going “, you should know that they also get married very, very well with the tone deaf like the taupe, nude or cream.

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The second proposal, of level 2 on the scale, fashion, monochrome. To you the total look blue, green, or, more daring, mustard. Pay attention to what the colors really are the same, otherwise your effect will fall to the water. Also where you prefer the opaque tights.

Finally, we touch on the holy grail of the fashion sphere, while having a response of absolute obviousness : with tights of colors, you will need to wear… the color. Do not hesitate any more and just play the color block background : red+pink, green+blue, orange+ yellow. Two small conditions sine qua non are all the same to note (in addition to the opacity of the sticky, but I repeat myself) : 1– stay in complementary colors. 2– never mix more than three different colors.

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Now you know everything. I chose the 3rd version, what will be yours ?

Info : Sweater MKT Studio, skirt Leon&Harper, tights Dim, ankle boots Zara

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