Fashion tips the challenge of Virginia : how to wear the ruffles at -100€ – Here

Each week, Here is launching a fashion challenge to the stylist Virginie Fauconnier. A girl like us, who love fashion and fun. His job is to set the stage for the fashion trends that make you dream ? We asked him to wear them… true.

The challenge : to become the queen of the steering wheel without going off the road.

The response of Virginia : This winter, you will not be able to skimp on the wheels. Dresses, skirts, blouses, playsuit and even bags, they are everywhere and are becoming must-haves for the season.

In spite of everything, that says “challenge” and said ” a little difficulty “. And this is where it gets complicated… indeed, there was a need that I offers you a look – 100€ and this, in winter, starts to be a real feat. Does not turn back before any mission, I went antiquing here and there to provide you with a look ultra fashion at small prices. And you’ll see that when I say “small price” I will not lie, since this adorable dress Primark is to (drum roll) 16 euros !

The mission of dress being raised, I had to now find THE pair of ideal shoes, which might sublimate. Of course, I could associate it with a pair of ballerinas in “baby doll” or sneakers for a look that’s a little more street, but I opted instead for the version of “glamorous” by wearing it with cute boots for a simple chic. With the ruffles, you don’t need to add to them ; therefore we choose the accessories pretty simple and solid color.

In regards to my boots, they are at a price defying any competition since they cost me 59,99€ at la Halle aux Shoes. And, the icing on the cake, they are leather ! Then, I exceeded the 100 euros ? Has your calculators : 16€+59,99€ which gives us a total of… 75,99€ ! Go hop, it is 24€ for you to buy a nice little bouquet of flowers that match your dress.

Info : Dress-Primark, boots-La Halle aux Chaussures

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