Fashion brand Balenciaga has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of clothing for dogs Pawlenciaga

Lawyers want to appeal against the registration of similar trademarks, because it can weaken the selling original.

Модний бренд Balenciaga подав в суд на виробника одягу для собак Pawlenciaga

The famous fashion brand Balenciaga has filed a lawsuit on the company Pawlenciaga based in North Carolina (USA) that makes clothes for dogs. Lawyers want to appeal against the court registration by the Americans of such trademarks, as it may weaken the original and cause confusion, informs Rus.Media.

As noted creative Director of Balenciaga, Damn Gvasalia, manufacturer of clothing for Pets is completely copied the style and even the brand name. In Pawlenciaga explain that they produced a parody of street clothes for Pets, and reference to other similar cases.

Pet brand may encounter difficulties, if we insist on parody, because the U.S. office of patents and trademarks, in particular, has never supported such protection. However, for the benefit of Pawlenciaga there is a precedent: another thing involving stamps for Pets Haute Diggity Dog, which in 2007 received the right to sell toys “Chewy Vuitton” on the basis of a “successful parody”.

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