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oeuvres-veronique-perriere-m-tenteTwo new exhibitions and a workshop are scheduled in Language Plus. During the summer, access is required to the existing art center of Alma. An opportunity to discover or rediscover the place for the public.

The sphere is very present in the works of Véronique La Perrière M. Transparent, they sometimes refer to the crystal ball, sometimes planets. Light, contrast white pencil on black and touches of red, add to the dreamlike quality of the parts.

The great hall of the Art Center Langage Plus has a special aura this summer. Véronique La Perrière M. proposes until September 4 Alchemy clinic, an exhibition where works by the artist alongside minerals to create a universe that arouses fascination.

Alchemy, secret science of the Middle Ages, chemical mixing and magic, intrigue. Visibly fascinated by the thing, Véronique La Perrière M. examines the reasons for alchemy or the human dream of owning a grip on life, time and matter.

For her work, she experiments to track and understand the philosophical project of alchemy.

compounds of pastel drawings and white pencil on black paper make up the vast majority of works. A sort of mystery emanates from many of them. The sphere is very present, transparent, referring sometimes to the crystal ball, sometimes planets. Light, contrast white pencil on black, some red accents, adds to the dreamlike quality of the parts.

With Alchemy clinic, the artist creates a space for experimentation and a poetic study of alchemy. She puts a contemporary look at a part of history.

Thanks to the collaboration of Crystal Lake, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi and private collectors, minerals are exposed at the center of the room, arranged on racks of transparent glass, adding a touch of glamor to the mix.

By combining his work with minerals, the artist reinforces the wonderful aspect fascinating.


Véronique La Perrière M. also has a video called The Breath of Urania. For nine minutes, the visitor sees scroll on the screen a series of cosmic images. Fleeting images that disappear and appear at the option of a breath or intervention of a hand. The white and volatile material is extensive, dusted, rubbed on a black background. The omnipresence of the sphere, combined with games of contrast and brightness to give life to celestial images that visitors can appreciate. Nine minutes of beauty that pique curiosity, install calm and invite meditation.

When art meets technology

Man can make it rain? By mixing art and technology, Camille Bernard Gravel is at a more interesting result. An installation entitled Building the rain where Styrofoam cups, water droplets and a twisted plastic bag give the visitor the impression of being in the middle of a downpour.

The sound of rain. A sound that evokes memories, sensations, which can soothe.

Camille Bernard Gravel, young artist from Quebec, takes a poetic look at the natural phenomenon. His final project baccalaureate took the shape of an artificial rain machine.

At the entrance of the Langage Plus room, the visitor is invited to a headset. He hears the falling rain. Unclear on what the droplets finish their race, but it has the feeling of being in the heart of rainfall.

It was after he enters the room and discovers what he actually heard.

In a wooden box, well insulated, a plastic bag is twisted mechanically. A microphone is installed close, capturing the sound produced.

The visitor then heads behind a large white wall. This is where lies the installation that recreates the sound of rain.

Walls are filled with cups. Specifically, seven sets of seven glasses are installed on the walls. Styrofoam glasses are suspended from copper mountings located below the other one.

Above each column of lenses, is a mechanism to allow escape of a small reservoir of water drops, one at a time.

Through a small hole in each glass, the droplet continues its path until it ends up in a wooden boxes, placed on the floor.

A microphone picks up ambient sound live.

Both sound recordings are matched digitally. It is the combination of sound that recreates the rain. He twisted the plastic bag, then of falling water in the glasses. Together they produce rain. “The composition of the work seems simple, but the construction is quite complex. In the end, what the nature is not that simple, “says Mariane Tremblay, assistant to the artistic coordination More Language Centre.

Throughout the summer, visitors to Langage Plus are invited to make cactus recycled materials. The workshop will create, in the fall, a desert that will be installed directly on the asphalt, near the current art center of Collard Street in Alma.

The project entitled Urban Desert enables people to participate in the creation of an outdoor installation. All summer for a fee of $ 5, visitors to the center will have access to a large suitcase full of materials of all kinds.

recycled plastic bottles, reflective tape, cardboard, toothpicks, pipe cleaners and other ornaments materials enable them to create cactus and other plants.

Special workshops will also be offered free to registrants project Make smile his city, 14, 21 and 28 September.

It will also be possible to participate for free as part of Culture Days on Saturday 1 October between 11am and 16.30 and Sunday, October 2, from 10h to 16h.

It is also during this weekend that will culminate the project. All creations will then gathered outside the center to create the urban desert.

“It is believed install cacti near the outside wall and as many cacti bloom at night, the installation will be illuminated the darkness coming,” says Mariane Tremblay, assistant to the artistic coordination More Language Centre.

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