Farmers from India conquered the net, dancing after a wagon

Фермеры из Индии покорили сеть, танцуя вслед за повозкой

The audience appreciated the creative approach.

Two farmers from India detonated network, dancing after a wagon pulled by a Buffalo.

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In the Internet appeared the video with two men who dance hip hop in rice fields in India under the Drake song, “In My Feelings”. Around full of dirt, and in front of them quietly moving oxen-drawn wagon. The record appeared a page on one of the dancers in Instagram.

The video is part of the Kiki Challenge – fashioned flash mob, where participants jump out of the car on the move, and then run beside the car and dance. Indian farmers experimented and added the spirit of the village — replaced the car on a cart with oxen.

The audience appreciated the creative approach and the video went viral online.

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