Farewell to Dorenko suddenly broke down, relatives raised the alarm: what proizosho

Прощание с Доренко внезапно сорвалось, родственники подняли тревогу: что произошо

Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko will not be able to be cremated in Moscow as planned

May 12 the wife of the late, Julia, was going to organize farewell ceremony at the cemetery Troekurov. As informs radio “Moscow speaking”, the event suddenly snapped. The widow was forbidden to cremate Sergei Dorenko.

According to media reports, in the situation the police intervened. Deputy head of the SCH SU ATC CAO Moscow night and sent in the 2nd judicial morgue document, which was signed after the statement of the journalist’s daughters from his first marriage, Xenia and Catherine. A police officer ordered not to issue the body for burial or cremation “in connection with necessity of repeated is judicial-medical examination”.

Прощание с Доренко внезапно сорвалось, родственники подняли тревогу: что произошо

Informed cousin said that Sergey Dorenko may have been poisoned. Girls suggested: Julia tries to burn her husband’s body to scritti evidence of a crime. They caused a scene right there in the funeral parlor Troekurov cemetery. Employees barely had time to separate relatives Serge Dorenko to fight.

The chief of Bureau it is judicial-medical examination and the chief medical examiner of Moscow Sergey Shigaev told reporters that the autopsy of Sergei Dorenko conducted the day of the death. The experts found a natural cause of death. According to the official conclusion of forensic medical examination, the journalist died due to rupture of the aorta in the thoracic part of the body. As a rule, a second autopsy is not performed.

Прощание с Доренко внезапно сорвалось, родственники подняли тревогу: что произошо

“Perhaps the document should be understood as the need to wait for the results of forensic chemical study which is carried out in a planned manner. It usually takes three weeks, and now it will be expedited”, — said Sergey Shigaev.

Sergei Dorenko, died may 9 in Moscow. He fell from the motorcycle in the center of the Russian capital, returning from a trip to Pereslavl-Zalessky. Cardiac surgeon Alexey Utkin argues that doctors have almost no chance to save the victim due to advanced disease. If he went to the doctors earlier, he would have been able to avoid sudden death.

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As reported Politeka, Dorenko has published a controversial post about Russia on the eve of death: “Need to finish”.

Also Politeka wrote that last second of life of Sergei Dorenko came in the video sad footage.