Far from being shot, Ntetu return stronger

francy-ntetu-subi-premiere-defaiteFrancy Ntetu is not the type to self-pity. The day after his first defeat in career pro, he again proved himself who intends to come back even stronger.

“It’s a win-flavored defeat for me, assured the chicoutimien boxer, more confident than ever to its capabilities. I could have deserved a better ending, but still satisfactory in terms of the impact that the fighting took. ”

Saturday night at the Barclays Center in New York, Ntetu rubbed against Mexican boxer of 19 years David Benavidez. In the seventh of eight scheduled rounds, the referee Shada Murdaugh held that the right eye of the regional pugilist was too swollen and he made the decision to end the confrontation, giving the win by KO Benavidez technical.

“I firmly hit in the seventh round and I’ve seen him dance before me shared Francy Ntetu, claiming to have won two of the first five assaults, in addition to being clearly ahead in the seventh. I touched as he never touched me. In my head, I knew that I had and I still had energy. I’m so careful as a boxer that I always keep my reserves to explode into force. That’s what I was going to the eighth. I put him KO or I won the round and I was going for a draw battle.

“All the great world of boxing recognized him, I was about to turn the tide. The crowd was on my side and it was electrifying. ”

Francy Ntetu said several reputable commentators sharply criticized the decision of the referee. The audience also booed the official for minutes.

“It’s a decision that makes me famous in some way supported Ntetu. I was a victim of the worst referee stoppage in the history of boxing. A guy from Chicoutimi who came from nowhere was doing a very dangerous look bad promising boxer. That’s why I say I’m a winner. ”

The 34 year old boxer can predict the future, but he knows that Saturday’s fight will open it to other doors. “This defeat will make me much money, he launched. I heard the names of well-known boxers that I could face. My next fights will be bigger. If a boxer wants me, I’m willing to give him the money. ”

The entourage of Francy Ntetu look at the possibility of their foal boxer at 160 pounds. Saturday, he fought at 170 pounds.

“For Valour nothing impossible, philosophized the talkative athlete who usually fights at 168 pounds. We have to stop to put barriers in life. I refuse to think that because we come from the Saguenay, the world is closed to us. My promoter Lou DiBella told me that if I sink to the 160 lbs, beautiful things will happen to me. ”

Whoever has her BA in physical education aside to concentrate on his boxing career believes his performance Saturday proved that he had made a good decision.

“I’m not disappointed with my performance and it is against the best that one delimits, pointed Francy Ntetu. It is a defeat that made me stronger and has more value than many victories against second-class opponents. ”

The Chicoutimien wanted to highlight the contributions of its sponsors, including his assistant Nicolas Bacon, Fit Food, Dr. Melissa Bégin-Basque of Jonquière Chiropractic Clinic, as well as his family and friends. Ntetu said to be looking for a regional sponsor of scale for his next fights. “It’s coming good things for me and my sponsors have good visibility,” promised the boxer.

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