Famous Ukrainian journalist fractured skull: “investigated large cones”

Известному украинскому журналисту проломили череп: «расследовал дело крупной шишки»

On the well-known Ukrainian journalist attacked in Cherkassy

On Saturday morning, may 4, unknown assailants beat Cherkasy well-known journalist Vadim Komarov. Wrote about this on his page in Facebook his colleague Sergei Buslaev. According to him, the attack happened in the heart of the city.

“In the morning at 9:30 in the center of Cherkassy, he fractured skull. In broad daylight, in the center of Cherkassy. Man struck and left,” — said the journalist.

He believes that the attack could be connected with the professional activities of Komarov. In turn, journalist Valery Makeev says that on the evening Mosquitoes “was to obtain from insiders from law enforcement agencies “impressive information” about how one of the “senior” officials of the city Council, by certain unlawful acts escaped punishment by giving a certificate stating that he is mentally ill.”

Известному украинскому журналисту проломили череп: «расследовал дело крупной шишки»

In addition, the journalist Alexander radutsky in his Facebook said that Komarov was in intensive care. According to him, the victim had surgery, then went into a coma.

Известному украинскому журналисту проломили череп: «расследовал дело крупной шишки»

We will remind, earlier the member of the faction of people’s Front Pavlo Pynzenyk has filed a complaint to the police about the robbery.

The journalist Alexander Dubinsky commented on the robbery of the people’s Deputy of Kyiv. In his video blog on YouTube, he talked about the apparent regularities of crime.

As recalled by the blogger, the faction “people’s Front”, which is a member Pavlo Pynzenyk, organized and conducted the reform of the law enforcement system in Ukraine and “in fact, controlled by the Ukrainian police.” In connection with this policy are directly responsible for rampant crime in the streets.

Alexander Dubinsky says that the deputies “popular Front” turned the law enforcement agencies in the way of making money. Now they have to reap the fruits of their work. “I think it’s even a kind of karmic history,” — said the journalist.

The author of the video noticed that Pavel Pynzenyk, the acting head of procedural Committee of the Verkhovna Rada. Namely, the Agency determines the existence of the coalition in Parliament. It is not in 2016, because the PPO and “popular Front” has no majority. When the Radical party withdrew from the coalition, the Verkhovna Rada had to disband. But MPs decided not to.

We will remind, supporters of MP staged a massacre because of the Ukrainian Church.

As reported Politeka, armed men broke into the house to the family: the details of the attack in the river.

Politeka also wrote that the family was severely beaten in front of the children.