Famous Ukrainian journalist became a mother: details

Известная украинская журналистка стала мамой: подробности

33-year-old journalist gave birth to a daughter

TV presenter, journalist, political analyst, editor-in-chief the Internet-editions “Left coast” Sonya Koshkina gave birth to a daughter.

The girl came to light on Thursday, may 23, in Kyiv. The mother and the newborn feel well, the newspaper reports LB.ua.

Известная украинская журналистка стала мамой: подробности

The baby was named Esther.

As previously reported, the Director of the first three seasons of the romantic reality show “the Bachelor” Ksenia Bugrimova first became a mother. She said that had her baby in late March, but was in no hurry to share the details of the happy event. Xenia and the newborn feel well.

Childbirth was attended by the husband of Bugrimova, Indian Prince Senaratna Sachiko Lakmal. The couple met in 2012 during the filming of the episode of the project “the Bachelor” in Sri Lanka, but to formalize the relationship decided three years later.

“Mom, I became in the night from Sunday to Monday. Gynecologist actively discouraged me from wanting to give birth with her husband. She said that the man will not survive this, for them it is very stressful, even compared to a woman. But I didn’t listen — sorry! My husband was just there more than a day, without him I wouldn’t have done it” — shared Bugrimova.

Ksenia said that went on maternity leave in early pregnancy, but a week later after the delivery has already conducted working meetings. According to Bugrimova, the first few months to help with the baby will be her husband.

Известная украинская журналистка стала мамой: подробности

“With a child helps me husband. A couple of months we will spending time with the baby. I honestly just have no idea how to give it to the nurse. But I think that after all this time is coming soon. And now we don’t see him for half an hour when he’s asleep and I can’t wait when he wakes up, watching his face in the phone, dismissing the nurse,” — said Ksenia.

On the future addition to the family Bugrimova told on his page on Instagram. So as not to attract the attention of the press, Xenia stopped going to secular parties.

Ksenia Bugrimova known to the Ukrainian audience as the Director of the project “the Bachelor” (2011-2013) for the STB and project Manager of the New channel “Heroes and lovers” (2014) and this series is “Kiev day and night” (2015).

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