Famous Russian TV presenter killed in road accident: “hold to the last”

Известная российская телеведущая погибла в ДТП: "держалась до последнего"

Famous TV presenter killed in road accident: she knocked twice on the road

Dagestani journalist and host of “MTV Capital” Tamilla Abdulaeva was killed in an accident in Makhachkala. This writes the Telegram-channel of the local newspaper “Chernovik”.

According to the newspaper, the girl knocked twice. After the first blow for Abdulaeva the ambulance arrived, which then again crashed into the machine. From the received wounds the journalist has died on the spot.

Abdullaev held the post of chief editor in media company “Capital”, which involves including the local MTV channel, where she also worked as a presenter. In addition, the profile of the journalist in Instagram specified that she taught broadcast journalism at the international information Agency “Russia today” in Moscow.

Известная российская телеведущая погибла в ДТП: "держалась до последнего"

“MTV capital” — the music channel of Dagestan. The channel presents clips and songs of performers of Dagestani pop, their concerts and stories about their work.

It was also reported that the famous Russian singer Maksim lost his memory after the accident. Now she is after the accident is undergoing rehabilitation. The singer has cancelled upcoming concerts and hopes that will soon return to normal. The Manager of the actress said that while a full recovery too early, because the singer is having problems with memory.

According to her, it happened two weeks ago, but relatives and colleagues decided not to publicize the story, so as not to attract too much attention. In addition, they were surprised that after the incident, the doctors did not give any forecasts, and the condition was assessed as moderately heavy.

Известная российская телеведущая погибла в ДТП: "держалась до последнего"

Sokolova added: the accident occurred abroad, where Maksim came on a private visit. Going to the airport, the singer called a taxi, whose driver was speeding and slippery road, the car skidded the car several times hit the fence.

According to the Manager, things could have ended much worse, but Mack was in the back seat and was strapped in. At first, everyone thought that she escaped with only bruises and abrasions, but later the artist found a concussion, and the shock she had broken it — some time the singer could barely communicate with people.

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As reported Politeka, stopped the heart of a legendary artist: “Gone, like a real Cossack.”

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