Famous Russian singer got in an accident: hides the face, called the pastor, “I hope you have time”

Известная российская певица попала в ДТП: скрывает лицо, позвала священника, "надеюсь, успею"

Caught yesterday in a terrible accident the singer was visited by the priest

The Russian singer Marina Abrosimov, known under the pseudonym of Maksim, visited in the hospital a priest.

It is reported portal “7 Days”:

“Friends, I have a great joy: I’m back home in Moscow. I am very glad that a number of relatives who come to visit and not leave. I read about your empathy. All of you ready to embrace right now. I hope you have time to do it,” said Mack.

Recall now the actress is undergoing active rehabilitation, she was transferred to a Moscow clinic after treatment abroad. The singer has told, that already feels better, but his face to SIP then refuses to show:

“On a private plane transported to Moscow, to the clinic. I feel much better, very happy happy. Yesterday saw the children and mom. I’m on the mend. Foreign and our doctors said that by the end of may I will be on my feet, ” said Mack earlier.

Известная российская певица попала в ДТП: скрывает лицо, позвала священника, "надеюсь, успею"

Recall the famous Russian singer Maksim lost his memory after the accident.

Now she is after the accident is undergoing rehabilitation. The singer has cancelled upcoming concerts and hopes that will soon return to normal.

The Manager of the actress said that while a full recovery too early, because the singer is having problems with memory.

According to her, it happened two weeks ago, but relatives and colleagues decided not to publicize the story, so as not to attract too much attention. In addition, they were surprised that after the incident, the doctors did not give any forecasts, and the condition was assessed as moderately heavy.

Recall, a car plowed through the Church, a lot of victims.

As reported Politeka, stopped the heart of a legendary artist: “Gone, like a real Cossack.”

Also Politeka wrote that tragically took the life of the famous Ukrainian doctor, who saved hundreds of lives.