Famous Russian singer fell unconscious, doctors diagnosed

Известный российский певец рухнул без сознания: врачи поставили диагноз

Found out the reason of sharp deterioration of state of health of the famous singer of the 90s

Singer Delphine became ill at a recording Studio in the center of Moscow, reports the Telegram channel 112.

Popular in the 90s artist Andrey Lysikov lost consciousness.

Известный российский певец рухнул без сознания: врачи поставили диагноз

According to the preliminary assumptions of physicians, the Dolphin jumped up pressure. However, hospitalization is not required, artist resulted in feelings on the spot.

Recall that a Dolphin is a musician, songwriter, controversial hip-hop trio “the Hangover”, the group”Oak Gayy” and the project “dolphins Misha”. Better known by the eponymous solo project.

During his musical career the singer has performed songs of various genres. Dolphin is one of the most closed and enigmatic musicians on the Russian stage.

As we wrote earlier, Andrey Lysikov told about how lost Ukraine because of the Crimea.

Известный российский певец рухнул без сознания: врачи поставили диагноз

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The musician was denied entry to the territory of our country in 2017, on the eve of the festival “Atlas Weekend”, which takes place in Kiev. About why he lost the opportunity to visit Ukraine, Andrey Lysikov said in the program “And talk?”.

“Yes it was even for us. We had a tour in the Crimea in the spring and summer we flew to the festival. The organizers assured that everything is under control, bolted but did not work”, — said Russian musician.

He stressed that his trip to the occupied Crimea had no political motives.

“I just came to give concerts there. There’s great, there’s a good audience, they have long waited for us, and I’m happy to go to Kiev, because there are also great guys and it is a pity that did not happen,” said Lysikov.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that 63-year-old Russian artist Vladimir Kuzmin, who had a relationship with Alla Pugacheva, preparing for the wedding. Recently it became known that the singer has a new girlfriend is 27-year-old Svetlana.

We will remind, Ukrainians are indignant from-for Kirkorov’s appearance on the X factor.

As reported Politeka, the Russian singer has angrily spoken out about Putin.

Also Politeka wrote that Kirkorov has appeared in public Lorak