Famous Russian actress spoke about the mysterious death of her son: “he Lived three days”

Известная российская актриса рассказала о таинственной смерти сына: "Прожил три дня"

Famous actress Christina Kuzmina spoke about the death of his first child

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The actress said that her first husband, whom she married in 2008, they planned to have a child, but with him, the tragedy occurred. He was born, but he was able to live only three days.

“Unfortunately, he was not born, and everything started to fade. He was born, he lived three days and died. The doctors said it was some sort of inexplicable story. I was in such a deranged state that it was difficult to take yourself in a fist. And I went to play a show in the theatre. This is the only way out of heartache,” admitted Kuzmin.

Известная российская актриса рассказала о таинственной смерти сына: "Прожил три дня"

Moreover, the actress said that she didn’t even show the baby, and immediately claimed. It only saw the mother of the actress.

“I don’t know who buried him, I saw no reference of his death. Dima prefers not to talk about. Then he sent me to walk to Italy with my mom. From that moment came the cooling of our feelings. Everyone has experienced this pain in their own way”, — said Cristina.

Известная российская актриса рассказала о таинственной смерти сына: "Прожил три дня"

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev an elderly actress, who was left without relatives, forced to live in the underpass. In the underpass at the Independence square began to notice the elderly woman who sleeps on the floor. As it turned out, she used to be a theater actress, but at 70 years old woman was useless and is now forced to live on the street. The fate Valentina Nikitichna reported in the story “Today.” Reporters learned that the woman worked for many years in the theater. In 1991 she retired and since then her life went downhill. She would often disappear from home, she is still there. Her long looked after the daughter, but five years ago she died.

As told by neighbors of the woman, after the death of his daughter Valentina Nikitichna started to behave quite strange: several times flooded neighbors, banging his head against the wall, he read some prayers.

Now her apartment closed. She is in a terrible condition due to the long non-payment of debts for communal it cut off gas, electricity and water.

Recall that Russian actress pretty drunk and living in poverty.

As reported Politeka, died actress Elina Bystritskaya.

Politeka also wrote that the famous Russian actress dies in poverty.