Famous Russian actor texted the mistress, but sent to his wife: scandalous details

Известный российский актер написал СМС любовнице, но отправил жене: скандальные подробности

The actress admitted that her husband cheated on her with her best friend

To achieve recognition of his betrayal, the woman had him spying on spouse.

34-year-old Russian actress Anastasiya Vedenskaya said that was the reason for her divorce with her husband, famous actor Vladimir Epifantsev. It turned out that the man texted his mistress, and sleepily confused the recipient and sent the fateful message to his wife, Russian media writes.

Известный российский актер написал СМС любовнице, но отправил жене: скандальные подробности

The incident occurred on the filming of “the Flint”, which starred Epifantsev, his wife and his mistress.

“Volodya every day had to get up before me and go to the Playground. And he went late because we edited the material. So I got myself a private room at the hotel to sleep. We lived on different floors. Once I intuitively pulled to come to him in the night. Fit, the door is not locked. I go sleep, I hug him, and then he jumps up: “Anastasia, is that you?”. Then he ran to the toilet with a phone, and a minute later I receive a message: “he didn’t come Today, I’m Anastasia.” Confused recipients sleepy,” – said Vedenskaya.

She asked her husband, to whom he sent the message. He frankly admitted that the actress Anna Tsukanova-Cott, and then started to play up: “I Began to explain that I had a cold, and she just comes in the night to check on him”.

According to Anastasiya vedenskaya, she was friends with Tsukanova. She even lived at home with her mother.

“It turns out that they were traveling together, while I thought Volodya in the film. One day I took him to the airport he had to fly to work in another city left, and it turns out, a taxi back and spent all those “shooting” days with her,” admitted Vedenskaya.

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Recall that Anastasiya Vedenskaya and Vladimir Epifantsev met when she studied in the third year of drama school, three months after meeting they got married. The marriage produced two sons, Gordey and Orfey.

Divorced wife only in 2018, although by that time already three years did not live together.

Известный российский актер написал СМС любовнице, но отправил жене: скандальные подробности

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