Famous lover of terrorists “DNR” attacked Ukraine during a teleconference: “Cruel disease”

Известный любитель террористов «ДНР» набросился на Украину во время телемоста: «Жестокая болезнь»

Banned in Ukraine by the Russian Director threw a tantrum due to the fact that it can not come to Kiev, hosted by advocates for the teleconference with Russia

The propaganda channel “Russia 1” there is a teleconference called “Need to talk”. It was assumed that its implementation will participate the Ukrainian TV channel NewsOne, however, due to the sharply negative reaction of the Ukrainians, the air was to be carried out solely in Russia.

During the teleconference was made by the famous Russian Director Vladimir Menshov. He was in the list of banned in Ukraine cultural figures due to the financing of terrorists “DNR”, and now strongly dissatisfied with the fact that it is not allowed in Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, I can only tell you on TV, because access to Ukraine I have. I’m on the list is prohibited. Was it possible that this Wraith will descend on our heads, which is not allowed into the country. Until it (came. — Ed.). I treat this as some kind of vicious disease that needs to end because it can’t be humanly, it was impossible to Kiev to go” — complained to an accomplice of the terrorists.

Известный любитель террористов «ДНР» набросился на Украину во время телемоста: «Жестокая болезнь»

In turn, presenter Andrey Malakhov asked where Menshova I would like to get in Kiev. He stated that he would like again to walk on Vladimirskaya Gorka.

“Beautiful place,” he said.

We will remind, earlier it became known that a teleconference with Russia will take place. NewsOne announced the date of the conversation with the Pro-Kremlin propagandists.

The owner of the TV channel NewsOne Taras Kozak categorically does not want to abandon the idea of holding a teleconference with Russia. After this initiative has caused a wave of discontent in Ukraine and the channel had to abandon it, he still found a way.

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Известный любитель террористов «ДНР» набросился на Украину во время телемоста: «Жестокая болезнь»

So, broadcasters have agreed to broadcast on Russian television. About Kozak said during a meeting with Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow.

We will remind, the Russian politician revealed details of the provocation with the teleconference.

As reported Politeka, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk rigidly carried NewsOne.

Also Politeka wrote that NewsOne severely punished for the idea of a teleconference with Russia: “all involved”.