Famous Chinese kryptonite Or Caolei said that will no longer be personally involved in investing in the blockchain

Bdon Chinese billionaire will cease to invest in blockchain projects.

Відомий китайський криптоінвестор Чи Сяолай заявив про те, що не буде більше особисто брати участь в інвестуванні в блокчейн

“From this day Or Saali will no longer personally invested in any of the projects related to bloccano or who are at an early stage. So, if you see that “Saali” associated with any project (I have a lot of projects without my knowledge and in 99% of cases this is not an exaggeration), just ignore it,” he wrote in his microblog on Weibo, informs Rus.Media.

He also added that it plans to spend a few years “thinking of changes in my career.” While Saali stressed that he does not know what he will do in the short term.

Or Saali – founder of Beijing venture capital firm BitFund. He is also one of the largest “bdon-jodler” in China. Not surprisingly, his statement caused a great resonance in the local community. However, most believe that Saola still not completely abandon investment in new projects – it will do so through investment funds and other organizations.

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