Famous athlete died immediately after the competition: “I played up to the audience and turned blue from the pain”

Известный спортсмен умер сразу после соревнований: «подыграл публике и посинел от боли»

The athlete died at the age of 39 years

After the competitions on a power extreme severoural’sk, Sverdlovsk oblast, Russia ended up in hospital, 39-year-old Dmitry Sinochkin. About it write the Russian mass media:

“During the celebration of day of the athlete at the stadium “miner” took place in the city competitions on power extreme. Knockin participated in the contest by flipping heavy tires. According to eyewitnesses, Knockin three times it turned, but it began to cheer: “More! More!””.

The man played up to the audience and decided to once again demonstrate their skills and good physical form, but immediately after breakthrough with the raising of tyre, he strongly felt bad. According to witnesses, he literally turned blue from the pain in his eyes:

“He turned blue in the face, he became very ill. Sanochkina was urgently taken to the hospital.” It is known that a few hours after hospitalization, the athlete died.

Известный спортсмен умер сразу после соревнований: «подыграл публике и посинел от боли»

The investigating authorities of the region assured the Russian journalists, information about a tragedy they have not been.

We also recall that on 8 June it became known about the tragic death of the famous wrestler. On the eve of the master of sports on Greco-Roman wrestling was severely beaten.

The tragedy took place in Moscow. It is known that the incident occurred on Yuzhnobutovskaya street of the Russian capital:

“The conflict has inflamed from-that Sergey Chuvaev stood up for a pregnant woman, to which the company behaved arrogantly” — said the local operatives.

Further, the inadequate started to beat athlete’s hands and feet until he fell into the pond:

“They continued to beat the man until he went under water and died”.

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It is also known that the attackers managed to escape immediately after the incident. Criminal case about murder.

Известный спортсмен умер сразу после соревнований: «подыграл публике и посинел от боли»

Recall also, the body of a Ukrainian Alla Clisti found in the Rhine. Local investigators reported lurid details of death of the sportswoman:

“33-year-old acrobat was killed before she was thrown into the river. Search Alla Clista began after she didn’t show up for work at the amusement Park “Europa-Park”, located in the German city of rust. She stood there in a show called Night Beat Angels”.

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