Family vacation: Yuri Gorbunov riding her bike with her son

The presenter has pleased fans with a new photo.

Сімейний відпочинок: Юрій Горбунов катається на велосипеді з сином

The last few months of the life of Yuri Gorbunov have been quite rich. Participation in the project “Dances with stars”, the film “Mad wedding” show “Jura”… it would Seem, as he manages? However, he still manages to cope with such intense work schedule and he even find time for his beloved wife and young son. About it fans can find out thanks to the personal microblog host, informs Rus.Media.

Thus, recently, Yuri shared on the network pictures from a walk with a young son. Photo Gorbunov together with Ivan ride a bike. Judging by the photos, leading very happy for the opportunity to spend some time with the baby and enjoy autumn walks in the company of family.

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