Falling prices for electricity CHP to 25% after the launch of the market was predictable and it will continue, – Krzysztof Rogulsky

Падение цены на электроэнергию ТЭС до 25% после запуска рынка было прогнозируемым и оно продолжится, - Кшиштоф Рогульски

The decline in the price of electricity CHP to 25% after the launch of the new electricity market was predictable. In the future, electricity prices will continue to fall

About it as writes Business capital, said the Polish consultant on the functioning of the energy market of Ukraine Krzysztof Rogulsky in an interview with “Commander in chief”

“We and our consultants have figured out the price and was told repeatedly that it will completely collapse in the market “for days forward”, because in Ukraine there is a surplus of electricity — it is 36%. We knew that initially the price will fall, and then will fluctuate up and down,” — said Krzysztof Rogulsky.

He also noted that the reform experience of the energy market in other countries shows that electricity prices for legal entities continued to decline after the market launch, as the market of direct contracts was a very tough competition. In his opinion, the situation in Ukraine will develop according to the same scenario, and the price of electricity will continue to decline.

“In European countries for 16 years after the market launch of direct contracts prices in the wholesale market fell to 46% and the fall continued up until in the market there was a surplus of electricity, i.e., produced more than was demanded by the buyers. In Ukraine a similar situation”, — said Rogulsky.

Recall, July 1, earned a new electricity market, in accordance with the decision in 2017 by the Verkhovna Rada Law of Ukraine “On electricity market”.

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According to the law, the new model provides for the introduction of such segments as the market of bilateral contracts, the market “day ahead”, vnutrimatocny market, balancing market.