Fall for the grower not the time to relax.

Fall for the grower not the time to relax.

Осінь для квітникаря не час розслаблятися.

The plants in the garden still require proper care and thorough preparation for winter. And some culture it’s not too late to plant! Will tell you all about the secrets of planting, care and propagation of peonies in the autumn months, informs Rus.Media.

Peonies, herbaceous, tree – decoration of any plot. And not only in spring and summer, even autumn, after flowering, their leaf decorative carved pleases the eye almost until frost. Although these perennials are fairly undemanding, it is necessary before the onset of the winter months to give them due attention, and that next season they graced your site.

Planting peonies in the fall

Successfully planting peonies in the fall perhaps in September, and in October, and in regions with a mild climate – and at the beginning of November. It is not strange, but in the spring it is harder to do, and chances are that the plants successfully take root, less.

For planting peony will suit a Sunny, draft-free place, with fertile well-drained soil of neutral acidity. A bad choice will be waterlogged shaded area with heavy soil.

Approximately 2-3 weeks before planting you can start to prepare planting holes – so the soil has time to settle, and the plant will better survive. Digging wells to a depth of 60-80 cm (peonies growing long roots) with intervals of about 1 m between the future seedlings. On the bottom of the pit is placed a drainage layer thickness of 10-15 cm (coarse sand, gravel, broken bricks), and then a prepared soil mix of topsoil, peat, sand and compost (in equal shares). Also mix in the mandatory add fertilizer 200-400 g ash, 20 g of superphosphate, 10 g of urea.

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Seedling peony carefully inspected for damage and signs of rot (all this is removed with a sharp knife), disinfected for 10-15 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate and dried. Then the seedling is gently placed in the prepared hole, the roots should be carefully spread, and the top Bud to place so that she was 3-4 cm below ground level and covered with soil. Planted the plant in a mandatory watering is additionally will help to firm the soil around the seedling.

Before the first winter season swapimage peonies will certainly need to cover a thick layer of dry leaves, peat, cardboard or any other covering material.

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