Fall allergies: how to treat illness without complications

Осенняя аллергия: как правильно лечить недуг без осложнений

The first symptoms of autumn allergies seem harmless, but can lead to serious consequences

The most common symptoms of seasonal allergies is not difficult to recognize, says family-doctor Oksana Yanchuk. Is shortness of breath, itchy nose, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat and dry cough.

All these symptoms, if untreated, can cause complications. It may be purulent inflammation, conjunctivitis, inflammatory processes develop in the sinuses may be chronic bronchitis, hives, rashes and itching, — says Oksana Yarchuk.

Осенняя аллергия: как правильно лечить недуг без осложнений

To avoid such complications, doctors recommend at the first symptoms, immediately go to the family doctor.

The doctor’s have to find out the allergic history. Is there any family allergies what they are allergic, it is seasonal or permanent. It is very important to prescribe the right treatment, says family-doctor.

The most common fall allergens isolated flowering nettle, sage and quinoa. But the most dangerous is the ambrosia, her pollen in urban environments may fly for several kilometers.

Autumn allergies can cause fungi and bacteria. Uncleared fallen leaves preyut and rot, creating the perfect conditions for rapid spread of bacteria and fungi. Also the General dampness affects the microclimate and front porches, there easily could have another one of the most dangerous allergens — black mold.

So the doctor recommends avoiding locations of flowering ragweed and spending less time in damp places, where the formation of fungi. Well, if you felt discomfort, which is similar to Allergy symptoms, immediately consult a doctor.

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Осенняя аллергия: как правильно лечить недуг без осложнений

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