Facebook will cease to exist: what Zuckerberg

Facebook перестанет существовать: что задумал Цукерберг

The company Facebook plans to split into 2 corporations

This was written the publication “Know.sa”

The founder of social network Facebook mark Zuckerberg has outlined plans to split the company into two relatively independent business. Apparently, the company is trying to reach more audience, and to enter into the lives of users more closely. The company wants to Express themselves in another area of service provision.

Mark plans to create two separate spaces: a public forum or “town square”, and at the same time encrypted space or “living room”.

Facebook перестанет существовать: что задумал Цукерберг

It is not clear what this will mean in practice, but recent reports about the Association of the audience messengers, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the first candidates on hit in “encrypted room”. Maybe it will be about new services according to the type of encrypted messenger, as users are now starting to worry about their anonymity online, especially when talking about company Facebook.

According to Zuckerberg, the company will spend the coming year in consultation with various experts, government and law enforcement agencies. And the whole transition according to estimates it may take five years.

Facebook перестанет существовать: что задумал Цукерберг

Earlier it was reported that the most developed social network in the world Facebook today issued a failure throughout Europe.

As reported by the data resource Downdetector, the failure of Facebook was recorded on Wednesday, 5 December.

In fact, the technical problems looked like a problem with authorization of users in their accounts. In the process, Facebook has stopped the exchange of packets between the server and the account and user was thrown to the login page. After the emergency session has ended, users will not be able to register.

It should be noted that such problems were repeatedly recorded in the social network. Similar whether technical failure with those that were identified previously, is not yet known.

Recall that the developers should have free access to private photos about 7 million users of Facebook.

As reported Politeka, former employees, Facebook has revealed the dirty secrets of the company Zuckerberg.

Also Politeka wrote that Facebook users can now publish 3D photo