Facebook blocked Politeka.net: bloggers revealed the scandalous truth, “banned tomorrow and you”

Facebook заблокировал Politeka.net: блогер раскрыл скандальную правду, «завтра забанят и вас»

Famous Ukrainian blogger Alexander Barabashka came to the defense of the unjustly blocked in Facebook Znaj and Politeka

About it he wrote at himself on the page.

“Know.Yua gaining traffic on the yellow titles used of the ability of FB to the maximum, and parallel catapulted thousands of dollars on the development of their communities, giving them the opportunity to fly into the top 25 traffic in Ukraine. Yellow headers may like may not like, but they are not prohibited by the rules of the community. Similar cases were at campaign trump. In Ukraine too there is a lot of examples — another flagship of the CONVOY,” said he.

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Posted by Alexander Barabashka on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Republic claims that the bots in the administrators community today, “uses the majority of agencies,” therefore, he did not see anything surprising.

At the moment, according to the Republic, there are more “important” media that you should pay attention to the administration Facebook.

“In the screenshot example of a “more meaningful” information portal which does not interfere Facebook”, — he said.

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The blogger said that now Bane is about 15 Top bloggers of the Ukrainian segment of Facebook.

“And it is because of these locks, the community demanded the network of the Ukrainian representative. The representative appeared – Katherine Hook. On the issue of blocking users was no answer and no. The issue of blocking Pro-terrorist resources — the wilderness. But one of the Ukrainian battalions with the letter a appears in the list of stop words. Wrote the ban immediately. You can rejoice and then, just when tomorrow will block your posts — do not write” — he said.

As previously reported, on September 17 in Facebook blocked page Politeka and Znaj. Without any warning, unilaterally. In addition, the ban also included the accounts of the employees of the company.

Team Politeka.net journalists and programmers, SEO experts and content managers, this is a huge team of people, each of which can confirm your identity. To prove that he is not a Troll or bot. We, human beings, who work 24 hours a day for three years, create news content for people of flesh and blood.

Facebook заблокировал Politeka.net: блогер раскрыл скандальную правду, «завтра забанят и вас»

Recall, revealed a cunning plan to “save” the Facebook.

As reported Politeka, Facebook made an attack on Windows users, “impossible to stop”.

Also Politeka wrote that Facebook could face severe punishment for espionage: “the account goes on billions.”