“Fabulous Losharik” Putin left with nothing, a military secret is disclosed

"Сказочный Лошарик": Путин остался у разбитого корыта, военная тайна раскрыта

The network has made fun of the Navy of the Russian Federation and the government of the country, in particular the President of Russia Vladimir Putin

In connection with the tragedy on a submarine “as-12 “Losharik” in Russia itself and abroad, once again, reminded of the characteristic for Russia of aggression against the world community, they say, always climb on the rampage and Flex their muscles, and their problems can not cope. So the “power” of the Russian fleet and the Kremlin the head in particular is aptly portrayed in the new cartoon.

Photos released online. The caption is: “#aleshastupin #art $150” and the corresponding cartoon below. The picture of Vladimir Putin sitting with nothing – similar famous fairy tale “the fisherman and the fish”, the “trough” in the illustration is destroyed submarine “as-12 “Losharik”.

In the network actively discussing the news, people write about the fear to live in Russia and unjustified aggression of the Kremlin:

“With the “Kursk” started with the “Losharik” has finished. #Snaking”

“And was Pynya with losharik”

“Fabulous Balloon Animal…”

“The boat hand with scissors reaching for the cable”

“The only bald all sinks and explodes”

"Сказочный Лошарик": Путин остался у разбитого корыта, военная тайна раскрыта "Сказочный Лошарик": Путин остался у разбитого корыта, военная тайна раскрыта

We will remind, on the eve of the network appeared the photo “as-12 “Losharik” submarine was captured by chance – we wrote about prior history on this. The boat, which is the last built nuclear deep-water stations, part of the 29th separate brigade of submarines of the Russian Northern fleet, based in gadzhiyevo. The “Losharik” was published in “Top Gear” and is probably one of the most clear and high quality photos of this boat in open sources.

"Сказочный Лошарик": Путин остался у разбитого корыта, военная тайна раскрыта

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“Losharik” (as-12)

Nuclear deep-water station (as-12) was developed at the St. Petersburg naval Bureau of machine building “malachite” in the late 1980-ies. Carrier “Losharik”, according to open sources, is the only submarine — BS-136 “Orenburg”, part of the Northern fleet.

AC-12: type of construction

Deep-water station project 10831 as-12 “Losharik”, got its name because its design consists of several interconnected titanium spheres. Due to this “Losharik” can dive to a depth of 6,000 meters. He is able to develop underwater speed of 30 knots and he manages a crew of 25 officers.

"Сказочный Лошарик": Путин остался у разбитого корыта, военная тайна раскрыта

The layout of the submarine

"Сказочный Лошарик": Путин остался у разбитого корыта, военная тайна раскрыта

In particular, it became known that the “as-12 “Losharik” — is a diversionary device for the destruction of a variety of underwater infrastructure. In the event of a global conflict as-12 can seriously undermine Internet, destroying main communication cables between continents”. Information spread in the network.

Earlier we wrote about the tragedy that happened on 1 July — a terrible incident occurred at a research submersible in the Russian territorial waters. The fire on the “Losharik” killed 14 sailors. The tragedy occurred the day before, but the information about it only last night have leaked. Russian media write that the investigation of the incident involved personally by the commander-in-chief of the Navy of the Russian Federation Nikolay Evmenov the matter under special control, although, apparently, the data about the crash, the Kremlin hid for a long time.

We will remind, the UN Tribunal handed down the verdict to Putin: what will happen to the captured Ukrainian sailors.

As reported Politeka, double Putin has angered Russians ridiculous reaction: “Bald dog”.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin infuriated the Russians a military solution: “Grandpa really bad.”