Extraordinary experience for Les Trois Accords in Petite-Vallee

simon-proulx-charles-dubreuil-deux(Little Valley) For the first time in its 34 years of existence, the Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallee, Gaspesie, welcomes smugglers artists who had never gone through the place. For the four members of the group Les Trois Accords, the surprise is rather pleasant.

“We did not know what to expect, admits Simon Proulx, laughing. We did not know either what we spoke when we spoke. There was anticipation. We were looking forward to it because it has a very good reputation when we meet other artists. We were told it was fun, it was a kind of retreat, a bit like a vacation. “” It is particularly to be the spokesman of a place where you are never coming ” says Charles Dubreuil.

Although the Festival posters unicorn foreground is seen lying on their latest album Joy of being gay, Simon Proulx specifies, with the humor so characteristic musical training, the strange creature does not accompany the Gaspé. “It is a rare species that lives farther south,” he quips.

Homosexuality is normal

Since the beginning of the event, which began Thursday, is the spectacle of the Little School of the song that most marked them, while some 375 children performed a dozen songs from their repertoire. “For me, the moment that marked me the most is when the kids have interpreted Joy of being gay, said Charles Dubreuil. I thought it was cool to see young children sing that song. Whether the first or second degree, it changes very little because these kids -There, in two or three years, there are 10 to 15, if not 20%, which will discover they are gay . To have sung it, it can validate that this is normal! It was there that I realized the full extent that that song can have. ”

For his part, Simon Proulx says touched and impressed at how these children came from all over, worked hard for six months to prepare for this concert. “I did not know how to thank them enough for as much love, he continues. We were speechless. Looks like thank you, it was not enough! ”

Unofficial Trois Accords, Simon Proulx, had promised a show that moves Saturday night under the big top of Great Valley, alongside the 34th Song Festival. It was right.

Unable to remain seated, some 800 people were standing, dancing, jumping or swinging their arms in the air. The pride was palpable among locals when members of the famous band invited a dozen of them on stage to sing with them “Naked on the beach!”

Musicians have chained their great success with very few comments between each. In the background, perhaps would they have been unnecessary because the public recognized their songs from the first notes and many sang loudly the words they knew all by heart!

This show was born of their joy of being gay tour. “It’s exciting to present it in Great Valley because we have the impression of already knowing the world, said Simon Proulx during an interview with the Sun before their show. It’s been three days since we crossed that world. I have the feeling of doing a show in front of people I know. It creates a different atmosphere. ”

Sunday night, the show Tribute to Trois Accords, during which several well-known artists and chansonneurs official selection will perform songs from their repertoire, their risk of booking yet surprises. “I do not know if we will expect to be crying,” wondered the singer laughs.

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