Exports of goods from Ukraine rose to $11.4 billion

Exports of chocolate and poultry increased.

Експорт товарів з України зріс до $11,4 мільярдів

For the first nine months of 2018 Ukraine sold abroad more sunflower oil and corn. All products in the food and agricultural industry in the amount of 11.4 billion dollars. This was reported by the analytical Department of the Council for food exports (UFEB), citing data from the State fiscal service of Ukraine, informs Rus.Media.

Most sold grain to 4.8 billion dollars. Followed by fats and oils, prepared edible fats, waxes (3.2 billion dollars) seeds and fruits of oil plants, straw and fodder ($1.4 billion), meat and edible offal (478,9 million), milk and dairy products, birds eggs, natural honey (346,5 million dollars).

The total volume of goods from the top 10 accounted for 85% of the total value of exported products in the food and agricultural industry.

  • Sunflower oil ($2.9 billion)
  • Corn (2.3 billion dollars)
  • Wheat ($2 billion)
  • Canola ($700 million)
  • Soybeans ($600 million)
  • Barley ($460 million)
  • Poultry meat (380 million dollars)
  • Sugar (150 million dollars)
  • Chocolate (119 million dollars)
  • Soybean oil (117 million dollars).

“Compared with the previous year, increased sales of poultry meat by 29% and chocolate exports increased by 21%. Among the products that grew it should also be noted soybean oil (18%), rapeseed (15 %) and wheat (6%),” – said the expert.

In the past marketing year, Ukraine exported 39.4 million tons of grain crops $6.4 billion, the Largest buyers of Ukrainian grain are Egypt – $724 million (11.4 percent), China – $594 million (9.3%), and Spain – $459 million (7.2 per cent).

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