Explosion in residential house in Moscow: all fire, people quickly evacuated

Взрыв прогремел в жилом доме в Москве: все в огне, людей срочно эвакуируют

A gas cylinder exploded in an apartment house on Severo-the East of Moscow on Thursday, July 11

This writes TASS, citing a source in the emergency services.

“The explosion occurred at: travel Bestuzhevykh, 12, entrance 6. Happening now torch burning an oxygen cylinder in the stairwell. Is the evacuation of people”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the incident occurred in a 12-storey panel house.

In a press-service of EMERCOM in Moscow, TASS confirmed the fact of arrival of firefighters at the specified address, but the details in the Chapter are not reported.

Взрыв прогремел в жилом доме в Москве: все в огне, людей срочно эвакуируют

Residents of the house where the cylinder blew up, was not injured. Design a 12-story building is not broken, according to the Ministry.

Recall, July 5 terrible emergency shook the Russian capital – the explosions of devastating force occurred at a popular Mall

Of incidents reported by the Russian media: “as a result of explosion in Moscow, two injured”.

Needless to say that the area was panicking, people took off running, some crying and screaming in fear.

It is known that now burn two tanks of propane at 20 cubic meters, the car and the shed at the Mall “Novomoskovskiy”.

“The explosion occurred at the gas filling stations in Moscow near the shopping center “Novomoskovsky”. Pulled the propane and then lit up the station itself and the nearby cabins,” wrote the Russian news service.

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The area of the fire on a gas station in New Moscow amounted to 100 “squares”.

Recall that in a five-storey residential house was the crushing force of the explosion.

The incident happened in Kovrov, Vladimir region of Russia, the cause of the explosion was a leakage of household gas:

“In one of apartments of the third entrance of the five-story building No. 1/2 on the street Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy in kovrove there was a detonation of gas.”

We will remind, the bus with tourists was blown up in Egypt, everywhere the shrapnel and blood: scenes of the tragedy.

As reported Politeka in the capital, the chaos began: snipers shooting indiscriminately, all in the fire.

Also Politeka wrote that the militants Putin caught a cruel punishment: fell into the trap.