Experts told, why do I get belly fat

Специалисты рассказали, почему появляется жир на животе

It turns out that proper nutrition will not solve all the problems

According to experts, there are several reasons for fat deposits in the abdomen.

First and foremost reason is the aging. With age people decrease the speed of metabolism. In particular, women are actively gaining weight after menopause. The fat accumulates mainly in the abdomen.

A reason “rounded” tummy also include the use of meals large amounts of refined carbohydrates. The latter are contained in sweets and desserts, preventing the body to burn fat.

Специалисты рассказали, почему появляется жир на животе

People who do not want to get fat, should use more healthy fats in the diet. As noted, during the consumption of meat and dairy products accumulates excess fat.

Experts advise to use in the diet — fish (omega 3), olive oil and nuts. These products reduce inflammation, which is a growth of fatty tissue in the body part.

In addition, the stomach may increase due to lack of sleep and stress. During the last hormone cortisol, influencing the growth of fat. The researchers found that sleep less than 5 hours a day increases the risk of weight gain by 30%.

The last reason belly fat — polycystic (dysfunction) of the ovaries, where the body produces too much testosterone.

We will remind, the fish — a very useful product and can be a help in shedding weight. Lean marine life used in almost every low-calorie diet.

Специалисты рассказали, почему появляется жир на животе

Fish gives the body large amounts of protein and low fat. Low-fat varieties contain very few calories and give a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Nutritionists always recommend replacing meat with fish for certain varieties. For example, dieters should give up salmon, catfish, herring, carp, mackerel, tuna, sea bass, and eel. Blame their high caloric content.

To get rid of excess weight need to eat: river perch, saffron cod, Pollock, cod, hake, pike, flounder and putasu. This fish is very delicious, it can help lose weight with pleasure.

Of course, long in the fish diet can not live a maximum of 3 days, but it is planned that during this time will go on a kilogram per day.

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