Experts told how to wash my hair, so as not to harm the hair

Эксперты рассказали, как нужно мыть голову, чтоб не навредить волосам

Experts tell everything you need to know about washing hair and the choice of shampoo

Most people tend to believe that frequent exposure to shampoo and water our hair to lose valuable oil from the skin that provides their protective function.

But don’t worry about it: fortunately, the human body tends to recover quickly, so after a month of hair, which were before in a terrible state, will greatly improve its appearance due to the vigorous activity of the sebaceous glands. In addition, modern shampoos are quite gentle on the scalp and hair.

Эксперты рассказали, как нужно мыть голову, чтоб не навредить волосам

Some of us from regular wash it stops the risk of dandruff. But dandruff is known to a fungal disease and it is easier to “get” by donning the headpiece of another person who suffers from such trouble. Also dandruff can be transmitted using someone else’s comb, most likely.

The legend that dandruff occurs due to the addiction to shampoo, not unfounded. But in the case of using shampoo, you may experience flaking of the scalp with the wrong selection of funds, because the skin in this part of the body at all different, therefore, the shampoo can be individual for each member of the same family.

Despite the fact that the shampoo is very long on the hair, do not skimp on this expenditure. Too cheap shampoos often contain synthetic sulfates that can cause dryness and irritation with daily use.

For these purposes, use special cosmetics. When choosing shampoo, be sure to pay attention to the composition. The shampoo should additionally enter different oils and vitamins. Also on the package is States that this product is suitable for daily use.

To wash my hair baby shampoo — can and should be. Since children’s skin is very delicate, the manufacturers try to reduce the concentration of chemicals or even eliminate them. Shampoo baby shampoo will help keep hair and do not expose their structure to the aggressive effects of chemicals.

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Эксперты рассказали, как нужно мыть голову, чтоб не навредить волосам

Don’t forget that in addition to special shampoos, you should also use the balm to the scalp, it help to moisturize and restore hair. If you wash your hair daily, use in about a day.

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