Experts told about the dangers of excessive care and grandparents for grandchildren

Scottish scientists from the University of Glasgow conducted a study of the influence of excessive care of grandparents on the lives of grandchildren. As it turned out, older people tend to overfeed juvenile children, contributing to the development of obesity and the inferiority complex.

In his scientific work of Scottish physicians were based on data from 56 similar studies colleagues. As it turned out, the predecessors of specialists from the University of Glasgow also named grandparents one of the main causes of childhood obesity. According to the scientists, pensioners are addicted to the excessive care of grandchildren, it is not delving into the features of children’s organism. Besides overfeeding, grandparents tend to protect kids from the slightest physical exertion. All this leads to the development of obesity and related illnesses at an early age, emphasize Scottish experts. The scientists also called extra pounds one of the main causes of children mental disorders such as inferiority complex.

In order to preserve the health of their grandchildren, researchers recommend that grandparents often replace snacks with grandchildren on outdoor games.

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